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   On November 29-30, 2019, the National Academic library of Kazakhstan with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan and the akimat of Nur-Sultan holds a training Congress on the theme: «ABISH ALEMI», dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the people's writer of Kazakhstan, state and public figure Abish Kekilbayev. The purpose of the training Congress is to draw the attention of the population to the most valuable social functions, scientific, creative and cultural society. Also promotion and popularization of literature and creativity of A.Kekilbayev, values of the Kazakh literature in the international scientific and educational system. To encourage the work of the writer on various subjects, to analyze them in detail, to explain his various talents, to make the name of the writer known to the world community.

   Photo gallery «the World of Abish Kekilbayev» dedicated to creativity and the writer's life. To the attention of readers will be presented the literature reflecting the personality of the state and public figure and a rich spiritual treasury of creativity. The exhibition will feature works of the writer related to his work and photographs from his archive.

   In the collection of awards A.Kekilbayev were placed awards testifying to the historical events of creative and labor activity of the writer on the theme «Awards received in Kazakhstan and abroad». This exhibition will help to expand the horizon, will provide information about the achievements of the writer. Gifts reflect the activities of the writer, contribution to its development, acquired both historical and artistic value. The exhibition will feature more than 100 awards, diplomas and letters of thanks, telling about his work and achievements. In particular, the Order of Hero of labor of Kazakhstan, the Order «Kurmet», Order «Otan», Order «Dostyk», Order of the First President of Kazakhstan, the Medal «10 years of Independence of RK», Medal «10 years of the Parliament of Kazakhstan», Medal «10 years of Astana», Breastplate «In honor of the 100th anniversary of Mikhail Sholokhov», laureate of the State prize of Kazakhstan, the winner of the prize of peace and spiritual consent of the President, national writer of Kazakhstan, honorary citizen of Mangystau region, winner of «Platinum Tarlan», and other awards.

   The literary meeting will be attended by the Kekilbayev family, including the wife of the genius writer Klara Jumabayevna, son Daulet Kekilbayev, daughters Zauzat and Saule Kekilbayev's and grandson Abyl Kekilbayev. During the meeting, stories about the life and work of the writer will be presented. Abish Kekilbayev was born on December 6, 1939 in Ondy village of Mangystau region. Wife - Klara Jumabayevna. There are two sons and two daughters. Sons: Aulet and Daulet. Daughter: Zauzat and Saulet. Grandchildren: Dinara, Abul, Jibek, Zuhra, Batukhan, Bayazit, Eldar, Alua, Sanat. Great-Grandchildren: Khadisha, Inzhu, Alina, Adil, Arlen, Aibeke. During the meeting with the creative team of the feature film «Shynyrau» you will learn about the filming of the tape and the filming location in Fort-Shevchenko city, Mangystau region, Tupkaragan surrounding villages and Shetpe. The film also highlights events between people and society, about love, friendship and family values. The film was shot in 2017.

   The director of the film is Zhanabek Zhetiruov. Actors in the lead roles: Ensep-Aldabek Shalbaev, Zhomart (son of Ensep) Asylkhan Tolepov, Akmonshak (daughter of Kalpak) - Jetiru Ayzhan, Ospan - Maksat Sabitov, Kalpak - Mukhambetjan Myrzakeev. A documentary film based on the writer's book «the Awakening of the sleeping beauty». This film includes the nature of the Mangystau region, research by academics and archaeologists, historians, travelers, historical monuments, trade routes, archival data and historical research. In addition, special films featured Abish's mother and childhood and excerpts from the writer's work with the geologist old man. In the film, the role of the mother of the writer performed by Aigerim Joldasbayeva, 7 – year-old Abish Adil Kekilbayev Abulovich (great-grandson grandpa Abish's), geologist of the old man Ivan Ivanovich Boka - Alkajan Yedilbayev, the nearly 10-year-old Abish - Yermuhammed Alibievich (grandson grandpa Abish's). Chief producer, artistic director of the film - Oralbek Sarybasov, art-director - Akbobek Tuljan.

   The event was moderated by the poet, chairman of the branch of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan of the city of Nur-Sultan, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Dauletkerey Kapuly.