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«My family is my treasure» to explain family values to court staff


   In order to form family values and spiritual and moral education for specialists of the capital's courts, a seminar with the participation of judges, psychologists and doctors was held on November 22 at the Palace of Independence.

   The lecturers were the psychotherapist Olga Kogay, professor at the Higher School of Law, mediator trainer Mira Zhaskayrat, psychologist, gestalt therapist Kairat Nurmaganbetov.

   Moderator of the meeting, judge of Almaty district court Maya Kasymova noted a significant increase in divorce proceedings among young people. Only over the past period, 2724 marriages were dissolved in the capital's courts, 435 married couples reconciled, and 1,162 married couples were recommended to turn to a family psychologist. The judge also voiced the main reasons for divorces that lead to the collapse of the family, such as infidelity and gambling addiction.

   «The main reason for the divorce of young couples is absolute illiteracy in the construction of relationships. Creating a family, young people do not think that they will be parents and are responsible for children. The need to financially support the family burdens them», - said the judge.

   The meeting touched upon social and legal issues arising in the modern family, the study of family values and value orientations of the family, as well as the main signs of gambling addiction and ways to prevent them.

   As the psychotherapist Olga Kogai noted in her speech, the main reasons for the formation of gambling are loneliness, a feeling of dissatisfaction with oneself and life. Often for a ludoman, a family is devalued. In most cases, treatment for this disease takes time from two to five years.

   Coach-mediator, psychologist Mira Zhaskairat elaborated on the fundamental factors and parameters of the family. «The state needs to reflect in the regulations the presence of public interest in this institution, while protecting the autonomy, independence of the family», - said the professor.

   In turn, psychologist Kairat Nurmaganbetov outlined the main signs of a happy family. According to the psychologist, young couples at the beginning of family life need to stipulate the conditions of life, and make a mutually beneficial agreement.

   Summing up the meeting, the experts outlined the problems that may arise taking into account the realities of our time and explained the ways to solve them, allowing the right way out of family conflicts.

   At the end of the meeting, a documentary film was shown on the topic: «Problematic issues arising in divorces».