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«Patterns of the steppe – 2019» exhibition


Event: «Patterns of the steppe – 2019» exhibition

Exhibition opening: December 13, 2019, 16:00 h.

Venue: GSE «Palace of Independence»

Address: Nur-Sultan city, 52 Tauelsіzdіk ave.

Organizers: GSE «Palace of Independence»

Phones for information:  700-396, 701-392, 87017889471, 87015217709



On December 13, 2019, the Palace of Independence will host the opening ceremony of the VIIII Republican «Patterns of the steppe – 2019» as part of a series of events dedicated to the Year of youth. The exhibition is aimed at the practical implementation of creative ideas of Elbasy, set out in the article «Seven Faces Of The Great Steppe».

GSE «Palace of Independence» of akimat of Nur-Sultan, NGO «Union of artists» of Nur-Sultan, Academy of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, University «Turan-Astana», which are the main founders and organizers of the VII Republican exhibition «Patterns of the steppe – 2019», as well as sponsors of this exhibition: LLP «Global-BL», Chamber of entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan invite to the exhibition all who are interested in the work of famous artists and creative youth, whose works reflect their vision of the past, present and future of their native country-made in the following directions and techniques:

•        Painting;

•        Graphics;

•        Sculpture;

•        PDI;

-Art processing of wood, leather, metal, felt, glass;

-Art painting (wood, glass, fabric, metal);

-Ceramics (hand sculpting from clay, ceramics);

-Art textile (hand weaving, art embroidery, felting)


Goal of the VII Republican exhibition «Patterns of the steppe – 2019»:

  • Preservation, development and support of painting, graphics, sculpture and DPI of Kazakhstan.


Objectives of the VII Republican exhibition «Patterns of the steppe – 2019»:

  • Social support and popularization of talented young artists and masters.
  • Nur-Sultan became the center of the cultural world of the whole region.
  • Patriotic education of the younger generation.


A substantial part of the VII Republican exhibition «Patterns of the steppe – 2019» consists of the following blocks:


  • Exhibition of paintings and products DPI
  • Master-class


We invite residents and guests of the capital to the Grand opening of the exhibition!