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"Palace of Independence" Government Communal Enterprise of Akimat of Nur-Sultan

 In a short span of time Nur-Sultan acquired the status of nationwide ideas, became the symbol of independence and global success of newly independent state. The Palace of Independence along with the monument of "Kazakh Yeli", National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, National University of Art and "Hazret Sultan" mosque forms the beautiful architectural complex of the central square of Nur-Sultan city, symbolizing the main state value of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Expressive architectural accent of the external decoration in the form of kerege (wooden lattice) of the yurt is a symbol of the Kazakh culture, gives national coloring to the Palace.

   The Palace of Independence was officially opened on 15th of December, 2008 at the initiative of the First President of The Republic Of Kazakhstan-Elbasy N. Nazarbayev. Extended infrastructure, high level of technical equipment and quality management allow holding forums, congresses, meetings and other arrangements occurring at the highest international level. Official statue and comfortable aesthetics are harmonically combined in the modern interior of the Palace.

   An area exceeding 40 thousands square meters has capacious halls and galleries. Building has 3 floors. There is Congress Hall, Media center, Ceremonial Hall, Oval Hall, rooms for bilateral negotiations and also restaurant on the ground floor.  

   Congress Hall witnessed many historic events. So in 2010 OSCE Summit was held in the Palace of Independence, world's attention was attracted to this event.  38 heads of states and 78 official delegations of OSCE member states and partners took part in the Summit. It stands to mention that the inauguration ceremonies of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan took place in 2011 and 2015.  It should be also noted that there was held the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, anniversary summits of SCO and OIC. Every year Astana Economic Forum, congress of ''Nur-Otan'' party, ''Altyn Sapa'' award ceremony of the President of Kazakhstan are held here. Along with the official events, there are opportunities for concerts, exhibitions and celebrations.

   Unique character of the Congress hall is the transformed walls, thanks to this the hall can be divided into 4 equal parts. Total area is 4775 sq. m.  and is able to accommodate 3082 seats. The Hall is equipped with new and modern techniques in the field of coverage and sound isolation.

   On the second floor there is an art gallery. The Palace of Independence has become the organizer of many cultural eventsboth local and international such as in 2013 unique collection of kimono - exhibition “The world through the eyes of the Kimono Master Kubota Itiku”, "Napoleon. Life. Legend" from France and also in 2014 within the state visit of the President of the Republic of South Korea Park Geun-Hye there was held an exhibition of contemporary Korean art   titled "People".

   Model hall for Master Plan of Nur-Sultan city till 2030 holds a specific place which makes an impression on visitors with beautiful panorama and developing infrastructure and also an opportunity to see our capital from a bird's eye view. This hall is situated on the third floor.  

   Staff of the Palace of Independence received a thankful letter from President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and was awarded a diploma "Museum of year" by ICOM Kazakhstan (International Council of Museum) for conducting all events on a high level and contribution to the progress of cultural and political life of Astana.

   Interesting meetings with prestigious facility of the capital, in which political force, ancient steppe culture and focus on future are connected, wait for visitors of the Palace of Independence.