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14.10.2019 14.10.2019

   October 14, 2019 at 17: 00 in the Palace of Independence was held the opening ceremony of the exhibition of paintings by Chinese artists in Kazakhstan «Patterns by the Jiang».

   Kazakhstan and China are neighboring countries, they have many ties in the field of culture and art. The exhibition featured 55 works from six well-known artists from China, led by member of the All-China Association of Artists Guan Hongcheng, Yan Shiani, Fu Xiaobiao.

   These photos, local artists, guided by the concept of «My home is my fortress» will represent the works that were painted in depth along the edge in the towns, villages Pu-Lin, Yang Sha, Zheng Shi, She Yang and Da Shun. The exhibition promotes the development of cultural and artistic exchanges and cooperation between China and Kazakhstan, reflecting on the results of civilization in the context of fine art and exploring the cultural heritage and creative paths of the regions along «One Way - one road».

   Exhibition purpose: the plan «One way - one road» and «Nurly Zhol» will provide people of both countries with many opportunities. To deepen these two areas, it is necessary to improve product quality, strengthen cultural ties and strengthen mutual understanding and culture of the two countries. Demonstrates the artists creativity with the local people, the local artistic appeal of regional fine art, the art of various regions and, most importantly, the formation of world-class cultural and art relations between the two countries. 

   From 14 to 31 October at the Palace of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the invitation of the public Association «Murat Zholy» of Nur-Sultan in the Palace of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan held a meeting «One way - one road» - an exhibition of paintings by Chinese masters of the brush "Patterns of Wu zhyan" in Kazakhstan.

   It also contributes to the success of the Great Silk Road, invites you to contribute to the creation of the fate of mankind, showing the features of national culture.