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Opening of the exhibition “Racing the galaxy” ASTANA ART SHOW-2019


   On July 3 of 2019 in the Palace of Independence was opened the tremendous exhibition “Racing the galaxy” as a part of the ASTANA ART SHOW-2019 festival. The event brought together under its auspices about 40 artists - world contemporary art stars from 15 countries. The exhibition was organized by the Akimat of the city Nur-Sultan together with the gallery of modern art TSE Art Destination.

   ASTANA ART SHOW 2019 expands the horizons and blurs the boundaries of not only the genres of modern art, but also cultural diversity. The main message of ASTANA ART SHOW 2019 is the spirit of nomadism and freedom inherent to all artists who will gather during the grand event that will be held in the capital for the second time.

   ASTANA ART SHOW 2019 includes not only artistic expositions, but also a free educational program: master classes, workshops, public lectures, family visits and much more.

   Exhibition will last until 10 of august