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The traditional August Meeting

On August 23, the Palace of Independence has hosted the traditional August Meeting with the teachers of the capital. The meeting has been held in the format of an open dialogue platform for discussing the strategy and tactics of the education system of the capital, identifying topical issues that need to be addressed, and new pedagogical ideas. Astana Mayor Asset Issekeshev, the Secretary in Charge of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aryn Orsariyev, deputies of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, deputies of the city maslikhat, teachers of educational institutions of the city, etc. have taken part in the discussion.

The Mayor’s Office of the capital has designed the Plan for the Development of the Education System for the next five years. Within the framework of the new program for the education development in Astana, 13 leading kindergartens in pre-school organizations, 19 leading schools of secondary education and 3 leading colleges have been identified.

In the new academic year, more than 145 thousand students are expected to be enrolled. This year, 2 public kindergartens and 3 kindergartens that are under construction by the national companies will be commissioned for a total of 1 200 children. Construction of 6 kindergartens for 1 680 children based on PPP mechanism has been started. Until 2020, it is planned to open about 200 private kindergartens due to the placement of the government order.

In addition, 5 extensions for 2 600 children in the most overcrowded schools are being commissioned. Construction of 10 schools has been started, construction sites for 37 schools and 10 extensions have been prepared. 90 schools of the capital have been adapted for implementation of inclusive education.

The amount of funds for procurement of supplies required for schools and repairs has been increased to 500 mln tenge.

- In addition, now school principals often cannot pay due attention to the educational process, dealing with financial and economic issues. It is our firm conviction that teachers should be primarily concerned with the development of children, but not with economic issues. Therefore, we will be solving this problem step by step. In September, we are introducing cloud accounting in all the schools, which will partially remove a series of workloads from principals and school administrations. In addition, cloud accounting will allow increasing transparency, efficiency of financial management, save 200 million tenge per year due to the centralization of procurement. These funds will be sent primarily to teachers’ bonuses, – said the city Mayor Asset Issekeshev.

By the new academic year, drinking fountains will be installed at 42 schools in Astana, individual lockers for elementary school students will be placed at 13 schools. During the new academic year, 100% of schools are planned to be supplied with drinking fountains, and all schools will be equipped with individual lockers by the end of 2019.

In the end, the ceremony of awarding pedagogical workers of educational organizations of Astana with certificates of honor and “Y. Altynsarin” badges involving participation of the Mayor of Astana and the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been held.

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