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Affordable rental housing for young people


   By the order of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, a non-repayable housing rental program for working youth has been launched in the country. This program enables young people to rent housing for a period of 5 years, for the period of accumulation of funds until the acquisition of their own housing. Rental housing under the state program for young people will begin to be issued before the end of this year in honor of Independence Day.

   Only working Kazakhstan citizens under 29 years old can apply for apartments of no more than 40 squares. Rent will cost 10-12 thousand tenge, not including utilities. In total, this year young people will be given 3 thousand apartments in the cities of Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent. This program will begin to be implemented in other regions of the country in 2022.

List of documents for rental housing:

- Statement.

 - A copy of the identity card.

- Copy of diploma.

- A copy of the marriage certificate (if any).

- A copy of the birth certificate of children (if any).

- Certificate of absence of real estate on the applicant and family members.

 - Certificate of employment.

- Certificate of income for the last 6 months (income must be at least 40 MCI or 101 thousand tenge).

 - Documents confirming work experience.

 - Certificate of availability and Bank account number.

 - Statement of the balance and movement of money on the Bank account.

- Documents on personal achievements of the applicant (if any).


The package of documents must be checked within five working days. Another day is given if the applicant has not collected all the certificates.  Then Аkimat within ten working days will calculate the points and make a list of applicants. The more points, the higher the probability of getting an apartment.


 For what points are awarded: If your profession is included in the list of 100 popular specialties approved by the authorized body for employment in accordance with the state program "Enbek" — 10 points.

 - For having a family - 5 points.

- If you are busy as a SP for at least one year — 5 points for each year — 1 point.

- For each year in a registered marriage — 2 points.

- If you have one child-1 point, for each next-2 points.

 - In the presence of personal achievements in various fields of activity — 2 points.

- For work in state institutions and enterprises — 5 points, for each year of experience — 1 point.

- For each year of savings on deposits-2 points.


 All other things being equal, the applicants who apply earlier will have an advantage. After the Аkimat will decide on housing, within 15 calendar days will be signed a contract of employment. Apartments are provided for 5 years without the right of redemption.


For all questions, please contact the KSU "Housing Fund" of the mayor's office of Nur Sultan. Contact details: 793450, 793462(63) or  Nur-Sultan city, Koshkarbayev Ave., 39