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V annual exhibition of Kazakhstani producers ULTTYQ O'NIM


   From 4 to 6 of May 2019 The V annual exhibition of Kazakhstani producers ULTTYQ O'NIM, organized by the "Damu" Fund, was held at the Palace of Independence.

   Since 2015 the exhibition has gained fame among our compatriots and became a new, large-scale platform where Kazakh commodity producers demonstrate their products, adopt experience, share success stories. The exhibition became a real foundation for the expansion of economic cooperation between domestic companies and the introduction of new production technologies

   Within the framework of the exhibition, the products of small and medium-sized businesses are presented, which have received state support through the programs of the Baiterek Holding and the "Damu" Fund, industries such as food, construction, furniture, clothing, specialized equipment and equipment, as well as souvenirs and printing products .